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TriVariant offers customized solutions and services to both public- and private-sector organizations to help run their programs more effectively and efficiently. Whether you are a government contractor or a commercial business looking to train your staff for program management, develop or improve existing business processes, or implement tools to enable your business to be more efficient, TriVariant can help. Our services span many industries and organizational departments. How can we help you?


  • TriVariant specializes in assisting corporations, manufacturers, and suppliers that are competing for government contracts or are already supporting government programs meet government contractual requirements for program management and Earned Value Management. Our consultants have successfully developed solutions for our government contracting clients to guide them from proposal support to design implementation and operations.

  • TriVariant is singularly equipped to help commercial businesses employ best practice program management techniques, including incorporating the Earned Value principles that are most beneficial, and apply them to their organization or particular program.

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  • Whether you need a full team to run your proposal or experienced staff to support specific pieces of that process, let TriVariant's proposal experts help you craft a winning proposal. Our consultants have more than 30 years experience in proposal management and support.

  • A comprehensive proposal schedule gives your potential customer confidence that your proposed solution to their requirements is viable—this may be the detail that makes or breaks your contract award. A well-defined program schedule helps your program management team track program progress, identify and mitigate risks to make sure contract deliverable requirements are met, and communicate program progress to the customer. TriVariant's consultants have decades of experience supporting the development of both proposal and program schedules across various industries, as well as providing ongoing schedule management services.

  • We maintain a cadre of highly qualified, experienced program management and Earned Value Management consultants who can integrate with your team and step right into your corporate environment, quickly adjust to your operational procedures, and fill your program management vacancies. And, because we've already pre-screened and trained our consultants, there's no risk to you.

  • A program management tool is only effective if your staff truly understands it. Not only is it important for them to know how to implement the day-to-day procedures, they also must appreciate the tool's benefits. That's why, at TriVariant, our training programs provide you with both fundamental building blocks and practical application is paramount to your success.

  • TriVariant can assist government agency managers and representatives sift through their contractor's performance reports, identify the pertinent data, and interpret it quickly and accurately so you can make the best program management decisions. In short, we can make your job easier.

For information on how TriVariant's customized solutions can help your organization, contact us at or complete our Request for Information form.

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