About Us

Scope + Schedule + Budget = Quality Triangle ImageTriVariant LLC is a project management consulting group devoted to helping public- and private-sector organizations run their programs more effectively and efficiently. How? By crafting innovative solutions that get the most from their investments from initial proposal support through customized performance management system design, implementation, and training, as well as continued support.

We're often asked, "What does TriVariant actually mean?" The answer is simple. The "tri" represents the three main areas of concentration that help our clients achieve their goal of creating the highest quality product: These are Scope, Schedule, and Budget. But as vital as each of these three pieces are, it's the word "variant" that's the key, because it represents how we want to help you—by providing different or new solutions to meet your specific objectives. We're not saying that the tried-and-true business methods won't work, but we believe there's a better way, and we want to help you address your challenges from a fresh, practical, and value-oriented perspective.

What Can We Do For You?

People are the key ingredient to improving the way you manage and control your projects. Without a knowledgeable, dedicated team, you have nothing. Since people are your company's most valuable asset, we'll work with you to establish an environment where there is a strong capacity for change, and continuous learning is part of the culture. Whether through customized training of your current staff, integration of our experts into your team, or a hybrid of training and staff augmentation over a transition period or even the life of the contract, we are dedicated to your success and the development of the people you have chosen to partner with.

Creating or re-engineering the way you'll manage and control your projects through pioneering Processes will help you maximize efficiency and achieve quality standards. Our innovative strategies will help you develop, improve, or build upon existing solutions to eliminate waste, optimize your employees' capabilities or outsource functions, and utilize information technology to boost productivity.

As a consulting company, we help you seek out and evaluate the best possible Tools to support your project management needs—independent of vendor influence or bias. Whether developing a custom software solution, implementing an off-the-shelf product, or enhancing the way your current tools work, at TriVariant, we seek the solutions that will yield the highest value for you. Our consultants are proficient with a variety of tools, including the following popular software:

  • Deltek Cobra ®
  • Deltek MPM TM
  • Deltek wInsight Analytics TM
  • Microsoft ® Office Tool Suite
  • Microsoft ® Project

What Sets Us Apart?

TriVariant is a high-value, competitively priced, hands-on implementer of Earned Value / program management solutions. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors because we not only design customized solutions for our customers, we'll work side-by-side with you to ensure success. We have a successful track record from pre-contract award efforts, such as proposal support, to post-contract award activities such as integrating software, establishing processes, training program staff, scheduling support, and guiding our customers through SAE EIA 748C compliant Earned Value Management System (EVMS) implementations and reviews. Our consultants build long-term partnerships with our clients, ensuring their program needs are continually met as they grow.

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