Schedule Management Support

A schedule can make or break a project. Successful project management requires a schedule that provides sufficient insight into project progress, allows you to communicate with your client, and provides the ability to understand the impacts of today's work on tomorrow's plan. Too little schedule detail or absence of schedule logic could mean that your schedule will not provide insight into future risks. Too much schedule detail can create a burden that may overwhelm your team or lead to scheduling errors.

Depending on where you are in the project lifecycle, your scheduling needs may vary:

  • The proposal schedule should incorporate proposal milestones and show how you will approach the work to meet those milestones. Sufficient detail is needed to give your potential customer assurances that you understand their requirements and have a clear plan for meeting their goals.
  • Once the contract has been awarded, it is time to add detail to the proposal schedule to create a project schedule that will be used to track project status. It is important to refine tasks and capture task relationships to a level of detail that will help you manage the project and mitigate risks.
  • If your contract has an Earned Value Management (EVM) requirement, you will need an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) that meets the rigorous requirements set forth by the SAE EIA 748C EVMS Standard (formerly known as the ANSI/EIA 748 EVMS Guidelines). You should also be prepared to demonstrate that your schedule meets the thresholds defined by the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) 14 Point Schedule Metrics for IMS Analysis.

The schedule should identify key milestones and the tasks needed to achieve those milestones, have logic that links related tasks so the critical path (the shortest amount of time needed to complete the work) is visible, and include inputs from all team members responsible for performing the work.

Do you need assistance developing a proposal schedule that will provide the framework for implementing your project? Are you transitioning from your proposal schedule to the project schedule? Does your contract have Earned Value Management (EVM) requirements for an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)? Does your project management team need support for ongoing maintenance of your project schedule?

TriVariant's schedule experts can help you build a schedule that is right for your project. We'll help you :

  • Develop the project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Work with your team to develop the proposal schedule
  • Transition from the proposal schedule to the project schedule
  • Evaluate the schedule for compliance with the SAE EIA 748C EVMS Standard and DCMA's 14 Point Schedule Metrics for IMS Analysis
  • Provide ongoing support for schedule updates and maintenance

For information on how TriVariant can help meet your specific scheduling needs, contact us at or complete our Request for Information form.