A program management tool is only effective if your staff truly understands it. Not only is it important for them to know how to implement the day-to-day procedures, they also must appreciate the tool's benefits. That's why, at TriVariant, we believe that providing you with both fundamental building blocks and practical application is paramount to your success.

Our live public seminars, led by top-notch instructors who are experts in their field, give your staff the sort of targeted program management training they need to produce the results you want.

If your organization has targeted needs and would like to hold a private seminar tailored to your requirements and corporate practices and delivered at your office, we can do that efficiently and reasonably.

If you're on the government side and want to improve your staff's oversight, analysis, interpretation, and reporting abilities, we have seminars for that, too.

Here's a snapshot of what we offer:

Public Seminars

  • Topics including (but not limited to):
    • Earned Value Management Basic Concepts
    • Earned Value Management from a Government Program Office Perspective
    • Project Management Basics
    • Risk Management
    • Variance Analysis / Estimate at Completion
    • Interpreting the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation)
    • Forecasting
  • Energetic, engaging instructors who drive the concepts home with practical, real-world examples and exercises
  • Instructional booklets and reference materials provided to each participant
  • FREE post-class one-on-one consulting period

Private Seminars

  • Single and multi-day seminars are available
  • Seminars are conducted at your headquarters or the site of your choice
  • Course material tailored and fully customized to your organization's needs and processes
  • Seasoned instructors who have been on the front lines of program management in both government consulting and commercial engagements
  • Instructional booklets and reference materials provided to each participant

For more information about our public or private seminars, contact us at or complete our Request for Information form.