Earned Value Management

Use Today's Performance Measurement Data to Predict and Control Future OutcomesTM

No matter if you're manufacturing equipment, developing software, creating vaccines, or constructing highways—Earned Value Management (EVM) benefits everyone who's managing a commercial or government program.

Often mistaken for a mere report generator or financial tool, EVM is a robust performance measurement tool that enables directors, program managers, control account managers—anyone with responsibility over any aspect of a program or project—to monitor its execution, forecast/control future outcomes, and manage risk.

In fact, to ensure steadfast oversight and accountability, the U.S. Government requires Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) on contracts valued at $20-$100M and mandates a validated (government approved) EVMS on contracts worth $100M or more (DoDI 5000.02). But using EVM doesn't simply fulfill a requirement—it provides performance insight, enabling managers to run a more efficient program.

With the SAE EIA 748 EVMS Standard (formerly ANSI/EIA 748) as its backbone, Earned Value allows the program manager to demonstrate progress, reveal cost or schedule variances, and identify areas where corrective actions should be implemented. It also helps to target opportunities and manage risk in real time. In short, EVM shows you where you are now and points to where you are headed.

At TriVariant, we believe the foundation for EVMS success rests on three key factors:

  • Sound business processes practiced on a daily basis,
  • An investment in the best possible tools to support the program's needs, and
  • An informed project management team that reviews the data consistently, knows how to interpret its meaning, and takes corrective actions, when necessary.

TriVariant can help your team:

Our customized solutions and personal attention can provide your staff with the knowledge it takes to run a self-sufficient EVMS or provide long-term, onsite support to assist you in establishing and sustaining your EVMS.

For more information about TriVariant's EVM Solutions and Services, contact us at info@trivariant.com or complete our Request for Information form.